anima inc





Born in 1973, a native of Ishikawa.
After years of experience working in game creation as a CG artist, Sasahara was appointed CEO of anima, inc. in 2003.
Although he started out as a CG artist, Sasahara was able to expand the size of the business tenfold, through cost-efficient management, and is actively promoting overseas expansion.


Born in 1969, a native of Hyogo.
In 1987, he moved to Tokyo in the wake of his joining a leading electronics company where he worked on software development.
After he shifted his career to the construction industry in 1992, he has initiated CG works since 1996.
Through his career shift, he joined Sasaharagumi Inc., which is the predecessor of anima inc.
Nakamura has taken up the post as the company director of Anima Inc. since 2003.
He started out as a designer/production manager, and is now a director involved in various kinds of projects.

In his private life, Nakamura is a father of two children, and his cheerful and friendly personality gains the faith of his company staff, whom he invites to his home on holidays.


Born in 1962, a native of Tokyo.
Akagi first started out with Desktop Publishing, which then led to freelance work in CG and Web.
He joined anima inc. in 2004.
While producing both pre-rendered and real-time movies, he is also known to be an anime freak who “watches over 150 anime episodes a month.” He collaborated in drafting and writing the TV animation series “Day Break Illusion – il sole penetra le illusioni,” broadcasted in July 2013.
Akagi, who thinks outside the box of existing CG, with a creative edge in producing unconventional projects, puts his passion in creating original work.


Born in 1970, a native of Shizuoka.
Ishikawa worked at two graphic design companies after he graduated Musashino Art University Junior College in 1993.
He joined Sasaharagumi Inc. (the predecessor of anima inc.) in 1999, and up until now, has worked on Art Direction for a number of CG movies and 3DCG modeling.
The short animation film “PELICAN DRAFT BEER” which he directed and scripted in 2006, was nominated for Best 8 at “Shochiku C’s NEXT” Award the following year, and won the “Best TCM Supporters Award” at the “CREATIVE MARKET TOKYO 2007.”
The same animation piece was screened at “Brillia Short Shorts Theater (Yokohama)” in 2009, followed by “YUBARI INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL” in 2010.
Beyond the range of animation, the work has earned a reputation for its brilliant images that could never be displayed in live-action, the characters depicted with distinctive stroke, and the story written in a wistful tone.
Ishikawa has undertaken Art Direction for a number of CG movies and the creation of 3DCG models.


Born in 1974, a native of Ishikawa.
Kimura first started his career at a security firm in his hometown upon graduating Komatsu Commercial High School in 1992.
He moved to Tokyo, and experienced several kinds of occupations, including an apprentice for TV & Radio writers at a comedy theater, an editor for an informational magazine, an assistant director for a TV information program, an editor for the movie-content section of a game magazine, and a freelance director and writer.
Having gone through these careers, Kimura eventually found himself landing as a CG producer—his current profession.
At Anima Inc., Kimura is also in charge of hiring new crew members. He actively participates in company briefings and organizes internship programs to discover and educate CG designers of the future.


Born in 1964, a native of Aichi.
Nagasawa started directing movies and promoting numerous events as a student.
In 1993, he participated in the CG production for YMO’s “TECHNODON LIVE IN TOKYO DOME”.
In 1996, his work “SONY DIGITAL DINOSAURS” which featured stereoscopic vision and stereophonic effect, won the Multimedia Grand Prix Business Award.
After he served as an outside producer on the movie production for “PROJECT SYLPHEED:Arc of Deception”,
a space game for X-BOX console in 2005, Nagasawa has entered anima inc. in 2009.
The works he produced include, theatrical version of “.hack//The Movie”, “Fire Emblem Awakening”,
and “Dragon Quest X”, which are tactical RPG for Nintendo 3DS™.


Born in 1976, a native of Shizuoka.
Tsuchiya mastered CG technology on his own, with interest in 3DCG during his undergraduate years.
Since he joined anima inc. in 2004, Tsuchiya has been involved in a wide range of video production with emphasis on layout and composite works.
Recently, he directed a number of Pachinko & Pachinko Slot machine projects. Some of his main works which he served as both director and technical director of the opening movies include, “Way of the Samurai 3,” a video game for PlayStation 3, and “Fire Emblem Awakening,” a tactical RPG for Nintendo 3DS™.


Born in 1975, a native of Ibaraki.
Tsutsumi joined Sasaharagumi Inc. in 1997.
Since then, he has done freelance work for other companies, while acquiring CG techniques on the job.
While mainly working on props making, Tsutsumi has also gained modeling experience from background to character making.
He is currently involved in producing various kinds of mechanics, including robots and cars.
Tsutsumi has joined a number of projects including, “.hack//The Movie”, “Fire Emblem Awakening,”
tactical RPG for Nintendo 3DS™ and “HEROES’ VS,” a video game for PSP, as a member for creating props/background, and character direction.


Born in 1978, a native of Kanagawa Prefecture.
Arai was attracted to the CG industry when he saw “Toy Story” at the movie theaters when he was a high school student. From 2000, he worked in a couple of game developing companies as a background modeler, before joining Anima Inc. in 2006.
After entering Anima Inc., he has mostly been involved in production, doing background creation and direction, but as the team started to expand, he has also been doing management work such as production manager and coordinator. Currently, Arai controls the whole Game Section. He is now striving to raise the standards of the Game Section by creating quality work, so that Anima will be known not only for its visuals but also for its game creation.

Kenji Nishino

Born in 1982, a native of Wakayama.
Nishino decided to work in the CG industry when he was inspired by “FINAL FANTASY 7” as a junior high school student. He moved to Tokyo in 2005 and joined Anima Inc. as a Production Manager, a position that was still very rare in the industry.
Ever since he joined Anima, he has been involved in a variety of projects as Production Manager and Producer. Also, as Lead Developer, he has been continuing to support the backbone of the system and pipeline development that is crucial for raising the quality of the visuals, as well as improving the efficiency of the work process. Nishino has been involved in over 50 projects, including “Sword Art Online,” “Dragonball Xenoverse,” and many game movie creation.