Facility Environment


Motion capture and CG studio rental begins.
With 10 years of experience, we now offer capture recording services.
At our studio, multiple ongoing movements as well as finger and facial expressions can be recorded with simple wire actions that can also be monitored online.

Studio Details

■ Studio size: Width 9m x Length 15m x Height 2.5m – 3m
■ Recording area: Width 7m x Length 11m x Height 2.5m – 3m
■ Projector: 140 inches
■ Wall mirror: Width 5.2m x Height 2.45m
■ Waiting room (2 rooms):
  Room 1 – capacity max. 10 persons
  Room 2 – capacity max. 4 persons


■ Recording software: Motive
■ Cameras: OptiTrack Prime 41 x 28 / Prime 17 x 8 = Total 36
    Reference cameras 4

Recording capability

■ Motion capture
 - Body (whole body) capture / max. 6 persons
 - Facial capture / max. 3 persons *video based
 - Hand (finger) capture / 3 persons *max. 6 persons for simplified capture

■ Virtual camera capture
■ Audio recording synchronized with motion
■ Reference video recording

Various props (stairs, doors, wooden box, treadmills, swords, guns, etc.) are available.
Special props can be created and provided upon request.


■ MC Studio Rental Fee
 Including 2 support staff members
 8 hours … 396,000 JPY(excluding tax)
■ Studio only Rental Fee
 8 hours …  90,000 JPY(excluding tax)
 *MC and equipment not included

■ Post-production work and data output Fee
 Quoted separately (grounding adjustment, correction of blurring, animation correction)


・fbx data:
 Only skeleton (Motive generated bones)
 Two patterns of character models(bvh, csv, and c3d data also available)
・MC recording reference movie

Contact for Booking or Inquiries

Studio tours are available at any time. Contact the bellow email for more information. (To: Kawamura)